About the Organic Lawn Care Institute

The Organic Lawn Care Institute™ (OLCI) was launched to help commercial lawn care providers adopt organic and sustainable practices through education and technical assistance.

Our vision is to help create a more sustainable future for our planet and families. With education, we can eliminate the use of synthetic chemicals and pesticides all across this country "One lawn at a time!"

We also teach that doing something good for the environment and people's health is also very good business. You can better differentiate your business, grow profits, or get a higher paying job by specializing in Organics.

Organic lawn Care Institute
Helping Our American Heroes. You Served Us. Now, Let Us Serve You!

Special scholarships available to Veterans, EMTs, Firemen and Police

Healthy Soil for a Healthy Country

  • Other organic systems don't work well, or are too expensive
  • NTI has developed a new, proprietary organic technology that is based on enhancing soil biology
  • Learn how to implement a lawn and landscape program without using toxic, synthetic chemicals
  • The Organic Lawn Care Institute™ brings leading industry experts into the classroom and offers hands-on field demonstrations
  • Ask about our special scholarship for Veterans

OLCI Curriculum Overview

Day 1

Intro to the Turf Care Industry
  • Turf types
  • Weed, insect and disease control
  • Cultural practices
  • History and science of lawn care

Day 2

The Soil Food Web
  • Soil Biology
  • Organic tree and shrub program

Day 3

Organic Lawn Care Program
  • Organic marketing strategy
  • Six step organic lawn care program and products
  • Transition from synthetic chemicals to organics
  • Science of lawn care, Bio-nutrition

Day 4

Practical Training
  • Lawn care operations
  • Calibrating equipment
  • Mixing and applying organic products
  • Hands-on field training and trouble-shooting

Day 5

Starting a Landscaping / Lawn Care Business
  • How to launch and fund a new business
  • Day to day operations
  • Financial planning and basic accounting
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